qualities of a good manager

Managers have a big job – making work enjoyable, keeping everyone productive, inspiring the team, and assigning tasks. It’s not easy to find someone who possesses the qualities of a good manager, and hiring a bad manager can cause problems like employees leaving. Almost half of employees who quit their jobs do so because of their manager, as per a recent study by Gallup. This shows how much impact managers have on things like how well employees do their jobs and how long they stay in a company. Having a performance management system in the workplace really helps organizations tackle such issues.

Hiring new managers might seem scary, but there are qualities of a good manager, that are supported by data, that can help you make better choices.

What makes a good manager?

Research says leaders can make employees more engaged. In the past, having experience and technical skills was seen as necessary for managers. But nowadays, companies focus more on interpersonal skills like listening, being flexible, and encouraging open communication.

These soft skills make the higher-level qualities of good management even better. These include building trust, being empathetic, taking responsibility, and investing in employee development. Managers who are great at these things, like those in Top Workplaces, make employees feel valued, heard, and connected.

These qualities of a good manager not only make employees more engaged and likely to stay but also help companies attract the best talent.

  1. Being Open and Honest

According to Energage research, people at Top Workplaces feel well-informed about important decisions in the company. When managers are transparent and share information honestly, employees feel like they’re part of the team. This connection makes them more likely to support the company, even if they don’t agree with every decision. It creates a sense of value and boosts how engaged employees are.

  1. Good at Communication

One of the biggest qualities of a good manager is that they are excellent at communication. They not only talk effectively but also take the time to listen and understand what’s going on in the organization. Being good listeners and genuinely caring about employee concerns are qualities of a fantastic workplace that build loyalty and performance.

Qualities of a good manager

The Top Workplaces for Clued-In Leaders award recognizes leaders who achieve success by communicating well, valuing employee feedback, and making decisions that support a people-first culture.

  1. Building Trust

A study by SHRM found that 61 percent of employees believe trust between senior management and employees is crucial for job satisfaction. For a positive work environment and what makes a good manager, building and keeping trust with employees is key.

When employees trust their manager, they also trust the decisions management makes, and they become dedicated to the organization’s goals and vision. Managers who don’t prioritize trust risk losing the respect of their employees, which can seriously impact productivity, loyalty, and employee turnover.

  1.  Understanding Others

Empathy is a key part of emotional intelligence (EQ) that requires managers to connect with each employee. According to a study by BusinessSolver, 84% of CEOs believe empathy leads to better business results. Another research by the Six Seconds group found that managers with high EQ led companies to 34% higher profit growth.

But remember, Empathy is not the same as sympathy. It’s about listening and offering support. It’s like a superpower that lets managers be good listeners and strong leaders, even when they disagree.

Empathy does more than build a good relationship between employees and managers. It also makes a positive impact on the workplace culture. Empathetic managers are better at leading people with different opinions to work together successfully.

  1.  Making Decisions

Some qualities of a good manager are easy to see, and decision-making is one of them. Managers who struggle with decisions can make employees lose trust and put the company at risk.

Qualities of a good manager

Being decisive means making good decisions, not necessarily ones everyone likes. Good managers help the company be flexible and adaptable, leading to better results and continued growth.

  1. Vision

A good manager has a clear picture of where the company is headed, matching its goals and values. Sharing this vision inspires employees and encourages them to give their best. When employees believe in the company’s vision, they invest more because they know it makes a difference.

  1. Accountability

Good managers can work independently with little supervision. They take responsibility for their mistakes and practice constructive accountability through their actions and leadership. It’s crucial because managers should teach others to be responsible too. Instead of blaming others, good managers focus on how to get better results in the future.

  1. Employee Development

Successful companies, like those recognized as Top Workplaces, understand that unlocking employee potential relies on manager support and development. A great manager acts as a coach, taking time to understand employees’ abilities and interests, and aligning them with the company’s needs. Good managers consistently acknowledge and reward good work, creating a happier workplace and better business outcomes. This approach can boost employee retention, as per a Gallup report stating that workplaces emphasizing employee strengths increased retention by up to 72 percent in high-turnover industries.

  1. Delegation of Tasks

One quality of a good manager is knowing when to share tasks. This helps them focus on important things while letting others learn and grow. A good manager understands which tasks to share and gives credit where it’s due.

Here are examples of tasks to pass on:

  • Small, one-time projects.
  • Administrative tasks and getting ready for meetings.
  • Managing time when there are too many jobs with close deadlines.
  • Long-term projects that need consistent attention.
  • Tasks that employees enjoy or have specific knowledge about.
  • Helping new team members get started and trained.
  1. Being Available

While leading, sharing tasks, and making quick decisions are crucial, the main thing that makes a good manager is effective communication. When managers are available, employees feel listened to and valued. This helps identify areas for improvement and take steps to make the workplace better.

  1. Taking Responsibility

Good managers understand each person’s role in the company’s success. They take responsibility for what they do and what their employees do. They look for ways to empower their employees, help them grow their skills, and become more independent.

Qualities of a good manager
  1. Staying Positive

Everyone faces tough times and feels negative sometimes, even managers. But when a team or employee is struggling, a manager with a negative attitude makes things worse. It’s hard to be motivated or excited when you’re around negativity. Successful managers know they need to set a good example and bring positivity and good energy to their workplace in every possible way.

  1. Leading and Setting a Good Example

Leadership means more than just giving orders or managing a group. A good manager and leader can motivate, inspire, and influence. They also support diversity and inclusion at work.

A good leader is also a good example. They show, not just tell, and they know how important it is to help employees at all levels of the organization.

  1. Skills and Knowledge in the Job

Great managers have good technical skills and know a lot about their industry. They know when to share their knowledge, offer support, and help the team find the best solutions. The most successful managers stay connected with their employees and are good at solving problems.

  1. Treating Everyone Fairly

The best managers don’t play favorites. They know how to treat and evaluate their employees fairly. Great managers also understand how important it is to appreciate employees, always looking for chances to recognize their work and show it to senior leaders.


To sum it up, the qualities of a good manager need skills beyond just overseeing tasks. They lead by example, inspiring their team. They have knowledge in their field and use it wisely to help their team. Being fair and creating a positive environment is crucial. Also, good managers appreciate and recognize their team’s achievements. These qualities make a manager essential for keeping employees engaged and ensuring the success of the organization. In today’s workplaces, having these qualities means being a strong leader and promoting a positive and successful work culture.

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