Gemba PMS Industry 4.0 solutions - A transformational gear in your vehicle for continual improvement.

Industry 4.0 is considered the fourth industrial revolution because of the changes it brings. Different sectors need innovative options, so no one size fits all. In learning what you are missing, you can figure out what your organization needs and what it can work without. That way, the automation tools and software you get will work to ensure a move-forward journey of continual improvement.   

Industry 4.0 Technologies

Different technologies and processes in the manufacturing industry focus on industry 4.0.           Knowing & understanding them will help you determine what works best for your organization.

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The Purpose of Industry 4.0

  1. Improves productivity,
  2. Improves efficiency,
  3. Enables knowledge sharing,
  4. Collaborative working spaces,
  5. It makes compliance easier,
  6. Improves customer experience,
  7. Real-time data and information,
  8. Improve safety & security,
  9. Variance & Quality control,
  10. Complete Wireless solution

Gemba PMS offers a wide range of industrial 4.0 solutions. 

We understand your process’s requirements, and we can figure out your organization needs to align with industry 4.0. That way, the automation tools and software you get will work to ensure value-adding to your business and to move forward on your journey of continual improvement with the best in industry standards.

Gemba PMS – Range of industrial 4.0-related products, solutions & services. 

  1. Industrial Automation Solutions
  2. Attendance Management
  3. Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  4. Wireless Production Monitoring System
  5. Wireless ANDON System
  6. Wireless Utility Monitoring System
  7. Integrated Industrial Digital Display Board Solution
  8. EHS Application
  9. ERT Application
  10. Safety Statics Application
  11. On-Time OEE Data.
  12. Digital Clock
  13. Customized products & solutions.
  14. Other Products

Our Industry 4.0 Partners